Audio Books and Fine Arts

FREE Audio Books

100% FREE audio book recordings in the public domain!

undergoing formatting! Thank you for your patience!

librivox-horizontal1.jpg -Free audio books read by volunteers. All books are free, come with no license or restrictions. They may be used in any manner the listener/downloader desires.

Gutenberg:The Audio Books Project

Free human and computer read audio books.

DRAKE’S DOOR -Recordings offered here are also found at LibriVox. SHORT ATTENTION SPAN STORIES -Recordings offered here are also found at LibriVox. LITERAL SYSTEMS -A Creative Commons Licensee, all recordings are free but must not be altered in any manner by the recipient. PODIO BOOKS -New works! No copyright, receive a podcast a week. 100% free, but requires registration. Donations are encouraged.

Some Free, Some for Sale, many books are new and free to download:

Audio Books For Free-Caveat, the listener is limited to downloading one free file at a time. The fees to download a complete book is low. Cannot say this site is 100% free. Tell Tale Weekly -Another site under Creative Commons Licensee, some works are free, some are sold at low prices. Highest price is 250 cents. Books For a Buck -Scroll down the page to find free books, others are sold at low prices.

Audio Recording Freeware


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