Audio Books and Fine Arts

FREE Audio Books

100% FREE audio book recordings in the public domain!

undergoing formatting! Thank you for your patience!

librivox-horizontal1.jpgFree audio books read by volunteers. All books are free, come with no license or restrictions. They may be used in any manner the listener/downloader desires.

Gutenberg:The Audio Books Project

Free human and computer read audio books.

DRAKE’S DOORRecordings offered here are also found at LibriVox. SHORT ATTENTION SPAN STORIESRecordings offered here are also found at LibriVox. LITERAL SYSTEMSA Creative Commons Licensee, all recordings are free but must not be altered in any manner by the recipient. PODIO BOOKSNew works! No copyright, receive a podcast a week. 100% free, but requires registration. Donations are encouraged.

Some Free, Some for Sale, many books are new and free to download:

Audio Books For Free-Caveat, the listener is limited to downloading one free file at a time. The fees to download a complete book is low. Cannot say this site is 100% free. Tell Tale Weekly -Another site under Creative Commons Licensee, some works are free, some are sold at low prices. Highest price is 250 cents. Books For a BuckScroll down the page to find free books, others are sold at low prices.

Audio Recording Freeware



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